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Welcome to Nurturessence Aroma & Massage Therapy


Nurturessence is a home-based clinic located in Glenmore Park offering aromatherapy massage,

pregnancy massage, relaxation and remedial massage, and reflexology.

Carrier oils used during treatment are certified organic where possible and include apricot kernel, macadamia, sweet almond, avocado and jojoba - all known for their nourishing and nurturing essential fatty acid content. All essential oils used are 100% pure.


Treatments are by appointment only.  Opening hours are Tuesday & Thursday (9.30am - 7.00pm),

alternate Wednesdays (9.30am - 7.00pm), Friday (9.30am - 4.00pm) and Saturdays (9.00am - 1.00pm).



Health Fund Rebates, Card Facilities and Gift Vouchers are available.

Please note that male clients are taken by referral only.

If you are known to an existing client, please advise this at the time of enquiry.

Based on the announcement by the NSW Premier and ongoing advice from my massage association, I have made the decision to close Nurturessence Aroma & Massage Therapy indefinitely.

You may find that other similar businesses are still operating, however my heart and my head have guided me to suspend treatments for the following reasons:-

  • While it kills me to admit it (and some of you may, or may not, disagree), I am a non-essential service. You may feel like crap if you don't get massaged, but you certainly won't get sick & die!!

  • I work in an enclosed environment for extended periods of time. I am physically unable to meet the 1.5m / 4 square metre mandated social distancing guidelines.

  • While there is still uncertainty about incubation periods; how long you can be contagious before symptoms (or, in some cases, very few symptoms) manifest themselves; and the fact that in Australia we now have cases of community-based transmissions (vs. those from international travellers), means that increased hygiene protocols just do not cut it!!

We've all heard the term 'flatten the curve' and the only way this can be guaranteed to happen is by social distancing.

As I've said before, my priority is the ongoing health and welfare of myself and my clients and I will not apologise for making the tough decisions to ensure that this happens.

Over the next period, however long that may be, I will stay in your Facebook newsfeed by sharing information, facts, figures & funnies. I will be available should you have any questions, wish to purchase vouchers for future treatments or require any product.

We may be 'physically' distanced, but we will certainly not be 'socially' (I really hate this term) distanced.

With much love ...

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